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I'm making a "Favorite Users" blog

2009-09-06 19:05:48 by VespeneGas

Because I'm gay.

Sinister Mentor: Amazing artist, great taste in music, gut-bustingly funny. Cuts through the bullshit with his sneering cynicism that's equally truthful and perplexing. Fleek, StagBeetle, Kavinel, and all of the other Sinister copyists have so much to thank this guy for.

Will Rowe: Kindest guy you'll ever meet, wouldn't dare consider hurting another person. Good to see that he's coming out of his Newgrounds devotee mode.

Sekhem: Can't say we know each other very well, but the brief MSN conversations we've had made an impression on me. One of the most well-read people on Newgrounds, I've copped a lot of film and literature from him, Andre Breton and David Lynch included.

Gendo: Hella friend. Put up with me being an unbearable pissant quite well.

Carl: Great sideburns buddy. Also YOU'RE A FAGGOT

Dischord/Ecke/Sky Overturf: The unsung hero of absurdity.

Jamie Cass: Many great, homo-erotic times with this fellow.

Gunthiaire: You don't know this guy, and you're missing out.

Adam: Jack of all trades. Serious music devotee, l33t h4cker, cuddly panda bear. Bam bam. Pow.

Sean: Master of the dada punchline. Introduced me to many great things, Achewood, Big Black, and the summary of the counterculture of the past 30 years notwithstanding. Plus, how could the bandleader of RollingDeathFucker3000 ever do wrong?

f: f

MAYORMCHEESE: Another serious music dude, great taste. Very easy to talk to, hella friend.

That's about it.


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2009-09-07 19:56:59


VespeneGas responds:

oh i forget about you bud!!!


2009-09-07 21:23:41

i am just glad you are safe!!!

VespeneGas responds:

w. a lil help from my friends..


2009-09-12 18:50:13

Sekhem always just seemed to be a very active troll to me...

VespeneGas responds:

He is. But so am I.